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Our company was founded in 1986 to produce machinery and equipment for the tyre factories in Turkey and  abroad. 

Over time, especially in the rubber industry, the company offers reliable and professional services, both mechanical and automation, in order to provide the customers with compound cost and quality improvements and the reports of the resulting product with complete dosing and weighing, Batch-Off and automation services.

The main reason for this service is the need of our customers who increase their production with the acceleration of our country's economy in recent years, the need to produce a certain quality in the products it exports both in domestic and export markets, cost decrease and efficiency increase. In order to continue to be the choice of the best companies in our country and abroad, we are aware of our duty to follow the latest technology, to deliver the systems we have established without any fault, and to be next to our customers with our after sales support if needed.

Our main goal is to become a brand in our country and the world, and to make it permanent with our customer satisfaction, quality and reliability in Batch dosing and automation systems. 
About US


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© 1986 - 2019 Ormaksan Engineering Machinery Industry. All rights reserved.

© 1986 - 2019 Ormaksan Engineering Machinery Industry. All rights reserved.