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Micro Chemicals Weighing System

Micro Chemicals Weighing System

Micro chemicals used in rubber mixtures and their weighing and dosing are the most important steps for obtaining the right compound. Micro chemicals are stored in stock bunkers at desired number of materials. 

These bunkers have two covers, bunker filling and material dosing is made from different covers so FIFO system is applied. The system includes a wireless barcode printer and reader. With the wireless barcode reader, it is ensured that the correct raw material is placed in the correct bunker. There are rpneumatic cylinders and position switches on the bunker covers and it is ensured that only the prescription lid is opened at any time and the correct material is weighed. The weighing process is carried out manually by the operator and the weighed material is automatically poured into the buckets with eva bags on the dosing cart. Up to 10 batch materials can be prepared at one time,  then the barcode is attached to the eva bags prepared at the end of the process to have the information about the materials in the bags. The dosing trolley is movable, moving by the motor, and going to the front of the opened bunker cover and weighing there. 
The system is controlled via PLC. There is a panel PC on the dosing cart, the operator can perform all recipe creation and recall operations, reports, historical alarm and trend records on this panel pc. System communication is provided via profinet, process begins after sorting which raw material is located in which bunker, that the system automatically determine according to the recipe on the panel  PC, 


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